Midnight spring dream

When you’ll leave the red city

Every wall will fade away

In the warm wind we used to stay.

Towers and churches must join the ground

Whistling breeze, from where there’s no sound.

And there’s no if in when

For everything have to end.

Houses and streets, whole world

Tourning down

Haunted past for a feeling so vast.

Will you name a mountain after me?

Or a cliff, maybe?

I don’t know what to say

You’re flattering me

While you’re turning me away.

A kiss (nocturnal poem)

I need a kiss

Not just for my lips

For my neck

My hands and hips

To breath in you

Until death ‘ll come through.

I told, I know

To need is a tedious thing

And I don’t want to need

But maybe I can,

Just for a kiss

On this  moment

Of empty bliss.

I want you

For I need a kiss

Who takes the risk

Your lips on my lips

I need your kiss.

Quando – un omaggio a Petites Luxures

– contenuto esplicito, continuate solo se maggiorenni-

Quando brividi corrono sulla mia schiena

e mani sui miei fianchi

quando labbra cercano

e trovano

un umido e tiepido rifugio

quando gli occhi si perdono in loro stessi

e i sospiri diventano liquidi

quando battiti

e gemiti

e ritmo

diventano carne

allora mi perdo.

E non voglio essere trovata.

Introspection, @ Petites Luxures

Introspection, @ Petites Luxures


explicit content, only 18+

WHEN – a tribute to Petites Luxures

When chills run on my back

and hands on my hips

When lips are seeking

and then found

a wet and warm shelter

When eyes are lost in themselves

and sighs became liquid

When beats

and groans

and rhythm

became flesh

I get lost.

And I don’t want to be found.

Dèluge, @ Petites Luxures

Dèluge, @ Petites Luxures


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